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The Art Spore is a spore for a kind of Great Art Appendix, intended for topics that might be excluded from Wikipedia by the notability criteria, form or style (like use of media). In practice it is both to utilize and extend the Wikidata items as well as other resources like Wiki Commons.

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Information on particular artworks

Such a Great Art Appendix can provide a space for narrative pages about individual artworks which are held in collections (as has been proposed in Wikidata's WikiProject sum of all paintings) or which have existed as public art, but for which there is insufficient documentary evidence to sustain a Wikipedia article in themselves.

Mapping contemporary art practice

Notability criteria such as those linked above provide coherent and consistent norms for the encyclopedia. A rather traditional strong institutional foundation is sought as assurance of the subject's lasting significance. However, if a substantial proportion of artistic activity is outside these norms, can a complementary initiative take on a role in capturing the currents, their ebb and flow, the ways in which different streams come together, break their banks, fertilise and dissipate over a long or short time?

Artists' spaces

Galleries and artists' projects fall under notability criteria such as those on Art practice over recent decades has involved artist-run spaces, 'project spaces', infrastructures and pop-up initiatives. In the encyclopedia, articles on even quite well-established galleries have had difficulty showing sufficient reliable non-local 3rd party coverage to demonstrate they should survive a Deletion discussion. Can a complementary project capture a mapping of these spaces over time?

Spaces and networks

Pop-up spaces may at least share venue characteristics similar to those of a conventional galleries, but temporary event and community based projects may not do so. Today's artistic activity can be community based, can intervene in social movements, can involve transient production and dissemination of multiple objects without exchange value, or orient towards craft traditions. Can a complementary project deploy an understanding of network interventions, possibly using resource points in the related Civil Society Spore, Org Spore and Event Spore?



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