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The Event Spore is a spore for current and also past events, meant to parallel the bullet point items of wikipedia:Portal:Current events and the sort of microevents that would typically be excluded from Wikipedia by the wikipedia:WP:NOTNEWS criteria.

Typical events included in the spore might be:

  • governmental appointments and resignations
  • controversial public statements
  • electoral debates and forums
  • international observances
  • protests in particular localities
  • events organized with and for activists and movement

Monthly highlight collaborations, particularly suitable are international or national observances that are largely scheduled ahead of time:

We have drafted this custom form for protest events, to create new Wikidata items to tie to Wikispore narrative content:

Unlike Wikinews, the intention is for perennial pages with in-depth description of events that occurred on specific days, as well as a review of wider media coverage, and not a news article published with a fixed dateline and final published form. Thus, the Event Spore can be linked to and expand on microevents that might be described in a Wikipedia article in only one or two lines.