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ccSPORT is trans-local connective of creative and critical sport practitioners and researchers - with diverse experiences as athletes, artists, activists, academics and as individuals/initiatives/groups of enthusiasts and professionals...

ccSPORT is informed by feminist and queer perspectives through creative and critical practices, working as commoners and co-creators against discrimination and injustice in sport systems to inform participants, inspire emancipation, instigate intervention, evoke solidarity, support equality and sustainability for all.

It was initiated by Željko Blaće and Caitlin D. Fisher, with Tom Weller and Carmen Grimm in Berlin in early 2015 for the purpose of developing 'contesting/contexting SPORT 2016' project in nGbK with collaboration of Kunstraum Kreuzberg/Bethanien, as an Exhibition with discursive, performance, screening and educational Programs (8.7-28.8.2016)

2015-2016 nGbK work group ccSPORT formed with joining of Alexa Vachom (February 2015) and Ilaa Tiez (April 2015), and later Mikel Aristegui (July 2015), Sarah Bornhorst (November 2015) and Stuart Meyers (November 2015), Imtiaz Ashraf (April 2016) and Andreea Carnu (April 2016) - with support of: with advisers: Julien Carrel, Philippe Liotard, Alex Brahim, Jeniffer Doyle, Frank Wagner, Antoine Le Blanc, Tabea Huth, Barbara Gruhl...

In 2017 ccSPORT initiated new activities on the 'commoning and co-creation' work in Ghent, Belgium that involved several new people and organizations - namely partners and KAA Gent Foundation.