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By using this project, you agree that any private information you give to this project may be made publicly available and not be treated as confidential.

By using this project, you agree that the volunteer administrators of this project will have access to any data you submit. This can include your IP address, and any other information that you send. The volunteer administrators of this project are bound by the Wikimedia Cloud Services Terms of Use, and are not allowed to share this information or use it in any non-approved way.

Since access to this information is fundamental to the operation of Wikimedia Cloud Services, these terms regarding use of your data expressly override the Wikimedia Foundation's Privacy Policy as it relates to the use and access of your personal information.

Wikispore is hosted on Wikimedia Cloud Services infrastructure, which does not have production-grade security. We make a best effort to protect your personal information, and to minimize the information we collect (e.g. by not using passwords), but we cannot rule out that others will access what we do collect. This includes your Wikimedia email address, if you log in. Only provide us with information for which you can accept some small risk of it becoming public.