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Welcome to Wikispore!

Our new wiki is the open space where your ideas can be nurtured and bloom. It consists of Spores, which are mini-wikis in their own namespace. See more information on the page Frequently Asked Questions and our main policies ('Tripod').

Join us and become a Wiki farmer, whether to pollinate ideas for a new Spore or to help an existing Spore to take root and develop. We recommend to log-in using your existing Wikimedia account. This works through the magic of OAuth.

There are also other ways to help us. By the way, there is a Meta-Wiki proposal to launch Wikispore as a full 'sister project' (Wikimedia wiki like Wikipedia).

This is an experimental wiki, not a mature Wikimedia Foundation project.

This site is used for development purposes as a home for content in new wiki genres. This site is not covered by the Wikimedia Foundation’s Terms of Use or Privacy Policy. Do not disclose personal information on this site and do not use this site to post any illegal or harmful content.

For more information on this test environment, see Wikimedia Cloud Services.