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NOTICE: This page is set as a placeholder for plans of World AIDS Day 2020 coverage. It is likely that due to COVID-19 pandemic WHO organization will not be doing as much, that most events will be either significantly transformed or done exclusively online, so events organized by communities would be even more important to become visible and coordinated.


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Date of event: December 01 2020

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World AIDS Day 2020 is the 33rd commemoration of World AIDS Day since its first recognition by the United Nations in 1988. The UN theme for this year is... "Communities make the difference".[1][2][3] It is the last World AIDS Day before UNAIDS' 90–90–90 target for Treatment as Prevention is supposed to be fulfilled in 2020.[4] UNICEF statistics released for the observance showed that over 300 children and adolescents still died every day from AIDS-related causes in 2018, and only half of those under 15 with HIV were receiving antiretroviral therapy.[5]

The World Health Organization is... releasing the new “WHO consolidated guidelines on HIV testing services” to standardize and modernize testing and treatment practices worldwide,[6][7] and to support greater use of self-testing, particulary in Africa.[8]

It is the 31th commemoration of the Day With(out) Art.

Wiki Meta-Commentary

English Wikipedia has highlighted World AIDS Day in "On this day" on the Main Page for December 1 for every year since 2005, and a number of other language editions have done similarly.

In the Wikipedia vital articles system, the HIV/AIDS article is considered a Level 3 in terms of priority, as part of the 1,000 most important topics for any language edition of Wikipedia to cover. It has been rated "Good Article" on English Wikipedia for its quality since 2012, and was previously a "Featured Article" from 2006-2008.