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Civil Society Spore is a mapping experiment (seed) project within WikiSpore.


  • To try to compensate for the lack of understanding and visibility of many Civil Society entities (organizations, projects, people, events...) by advocacy and education
  • To introduce Wiki-Making as practice to those who are involved in context specific situated and communal knowledge practices (ideally lived and embodied experiences) rather then just having encyclopedic-wikipedian aspirations (global and encyclopedic)


Civil Society Organizations (CSOs for short), unlike corporate sector, usually can not afford (and should not) much of their resources to be focused on PR and marketing, which in current media landscape means simply no or very little visibility and indirectly understanding. The fact that formal education in most countries does not include learning about civil society means that many people also do not understand the importance and relevance of this so called third sector, especially compared to the first/Governmental and second/Corporate sector. Smaller organizations and individual activist often have no or little references to their work that could fit the hard criteria of Wikipedia *(visibility and relevance, for smaller wikipedias the language size and publishing capacities).

Die Wikimedia Foundation, Inc. ist eine amerikanische gemeinnützige Organisation mit Hauptsitz in San Francisco, Kalifornien.

Weitere Informationen auf Wikipedia zu Zivilgesellschaft.

External (potential) inspiration

  • Data Reuse Days 2022 in session Wikidata for civic tech speakers (projects): Sascha Göbel (Comparative Legislators Database), Jan Ainali and Albin Larsson (Govdirectory), Friedrich Lindenberg (OpenSanctions), Joseph (Open Parliament TV), Holger Döring (Party Facts), André Ourednik (Ideograph)

Entry infos and types

  • Timeline (date/year of founding, renaming... and folding)
  • Location (country, region, city... Geo-location of registration address)
  • Topical (human/animal rights, environmental, ... )
  • ...?



Collaboration tools

WikiSpore for wiki work

Chat channel for (almost) real-time coordination

Opportunities and ideas

CEE spring


Outreach plans

  • potential support

Sourcing info