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HrW initiative has no fixed logo, but modifies existing ones as part of its discrursive and visual approach to the problem of fixed and normative identity
Some of the members of HrW initiative on Zagreb Pride 2021 with A+F and Queer.Wikispore shirts

HrW initiative is informal group of Wikimedians active in Croatia, who are informed and experienced by activism and cultural work.

It was the first outreach and education project (2020) and informal initiative (2021) on Wikimedia started in Croatia since many years and one of the most active ones in pandemic in the region.

It is exceptionally focused on topics of visibility, relevance-notability, diversity and inclusivity of content, participants and practices, by informing, inspiring, empowering, participating and education of different social groups and individuals.

Informed and inspired by feminist, queer, de-colonial and other progressive practices and groups like Art+Feminism, AfroCROWD, Les sans pagEs, WhoseKnowledge?, JustForTheRecord and others.

Members of initiative used Wikispore from the first year and are most active in Queer Spore and Civil Society Spore.


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