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I prefer to go by Z. here

(simplified US-English name initial, instead of Slavic name challenge)

~Zblace user

(would be ~zBlace if MediaWiki would allow me to decide on capitalization exception, like it has among Wikimedia projects).

I am with (scattered) histories in different wiki-cultures, mostly outside Wikipedia.

Recently more focused interest in research and deployment as an artist (aRt+D[1] [2])

I joined WikiSpore and recommend it to users who are looking for more innovative and dynamic environment within Wikimedia ecosystem.

My WikiSpore contributing is related to:

  1. interest in new forms of wiki-making and wiki-cultures (especially if more media rich and interface adventurous)
  2. focus on non-normative 'encyclopedic' knowledge, especially outside of rigid classifications and established fields
  3. opportunity to help co-develop something new and in more organic way as practice driven (rather than fixed plan)
  4. frustrations with Wikipedia's issues like "off-putting automated rejections, restrictive rules, and controlling older editors"[3]

Work notes or toDOne list here might include.: