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This is a spore dedicated to the field of sport, with no discrimination of importance or prominence of individual sport discipline, event, organization or person.

In particular, sports are a very mundane topic, in comparison to the wealth of information that we can share across projects. It's a matter of fact, though, that sports attract many users to our projects, and that the relative wikiprojects evolved into very complex ecosystems, maintaining a huge number of pages and using a conspicuous number of templates and, in the last couple of years, modules.

On the other hand, Wikipedia threats non elite sports and athletes with typically Encyclopedic discrimination, so that you can come across super specific match details, league standings and players from years ago (at least in EN version), but if you are in community sport and minor leagues, you will hardly have a chance to fit a line of text in.

Also revisiting elite sports with critical focus and from alternative perspectives (environmental footprint) or minority positions (diversity) could be interesting direction.


  • Mens Synchronised Swimming (was fully illegal internationally)
  • Informal context specific sport practices, like Venice Beach outdoor gym
  • Community leagues...
  • History revisited? Sport:Antwerp1920