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Standardised Data on Initiatives (STARDIT) Beta Version Logo 0.2 SVG.svg

Standardised Data on Initiatives (STARDIT) is a standardised way to share information about who was involved in an initiative, what was done, what was learned and any impacts which occurred.[1]

It is designed to be flexible, so it can be easily adapted to be useful across all disciplines, including health, environment, basic science, policy and international development. STARDIT reports will be shared open access (in the public domain), using machine readable linked-data.[1]

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Data mapping of current STARDIT categories to Wikidata properties

Example items
Human-readable Machine-readable PDF of form DOI of resulting publication
ASPREE-XT STARDIT/Q98539361 Q98539361 AdditionalFile5 10.21203/
Rare condition genomics STARDIT/Q100403236 Q100403236 AdditionalFile2 10.21203/
what is a systematic review STARDIT/Q101116128 Q101116128 - 10.15347/WJM/2020.005

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