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Example form for data entry

Section Data category STARDIT field Wikidata encoding MICRO Compulsory
Core: Initiative context Identifying information Initiative name Len Compulsory
Geographic location or scope P937 Compulsory
Purpose of the initiative

'stated as' free text


P3712 Q P6001

Start date of initiative P580 Compulsory
End date of initiative P582
Organisations or other initiatives involved P664 Compulsory
Ethics approval (org) P793 Q98550700 P1027
Ethics approval (date) P793 Q98550700 P585
Ethics approval (ID) P793 Q98550700 P1932
Funding sources (org) P8324 Compulsory
Funding sources (dept or scheme or grant ID) P793 Q P1932
Relevant URLs P856
keywords, metatags, mesh terms, raid terms P921
Stage or state of initiative Date of report P793 Q37260 P518 Q10870555

P793 Q37260 P585 or

P793 Q37260 P580 and

P793 Q37260 P582

Methods of the initiative (what is planned to be done, or is being reported as done) P4510 Compulsory
Link to a public domain methodology document P4510 Q P973
theoretical or conceptual models or relevant ‘values’ of people P4510
Input: Report authorship & status How was this report generated? Name of report author (person or algoritm) P50 Compulsory
ORCID author item P496
Public domain profile / institutional page author item P856
Accountability Key contact email at initiative for confirming report content P793 Q37260 P968 Compulsory
Report data review status Who has checked the quality of the data in this report? P4032
Input: Involvement in initiative Involvement details for each contributor Who was involved (named individual, organisation)

Who was involved (group of anonymous individuals acting in role)


P767 Q P1114

Specific tasks of this person or group P767 Q P2868 Compulsory
Methods of involvement of participants P767 Q P2283
Outcomes and outputs What was the outcome or output of the involvement? P1542 Compulsory
Were any publication produced as part of this? P921 Compulsory
Involvement appraisal Methods of appraising and analysing involvement (assessing rigour, deciding outcome measures, data collection and analysis)
Facilitators of involvement (what helps the contributors in achieving the project's outcomes?)

'stated as' free text

P1552 Q101097118 P5102

P1552 Q101097118 P6001

Barriers of involvement (what inhibits the contributors from achieving the project's outcomes?)

'stated as' free text

P1552 Q16515105 P5102

P1552 Q16515105 P6001

What was the outcome or output of the involvement of these people? What changed as a result of involving people? Were there any impacts? P767 Q P1542
Stage Which stage of the initiative were these people involved? P767 Q P585 or

P767 Q P580 and

P767 Q P582

Cost and time What was the estimated financial cost for involving each person or group

How much time did it take to involve each person or group

Were there any other non-financial costs in involving each person or group

P767 Q P2130

P767 Q P2047

P767 Q P1542

Input: Financial or other interests Financial or other interests Financial relationship or other interest this person has to this project P767 Q P1932

P1542 Q99429881 P6001

Conflicting or competing interests

'stated as' free text

P1552 Q99429881 P1932

P1552 Q99429881 P6001

What was the estimated financial cost for the overall initiative.

How much time did it take.



Output: Research data FAIR data produced Findable: How is information about this data disseminated P1056 Q42848 P1552 Q100451967

P1056 Q42848 P7228

Accessible: How is it stored and hosted P1056 Q42848 P4945 Compulsory
Interoperable: What analyses were P4510
Interoperable: What format is it in P1056 Q42848 P2701
Reusable: Access restriction status P1056 Q42848 P7228 Q66739888 Compulsory
Reusable: License P1056 Q42848 P275
Sensitive data produced Who owns it P1056 Q42848 P1552 Q2587068

P1056 Q42848 P127

Where is it stored P1056 Q42848 P276 Compulsory
Access restriction status P1056 Q42848 P7228 Compulsory
How to access (email)

How to access (url)

P1056 Q42848 P968

P1056 Q42848 P2699

Data steward/curator P1056 Q42848 P1640
Output: Impacts and outcomes Outcomes Has anything changed or happened as a result of this initiative that isn’t captured in previous answers? P1542 Compulsory
What was learned What new knowledge has been generated? (if appropriate, include effect size, relevant statistics and level or evidence) P1542 Q133500 Compulsory
What part of the initiative was the learning about

What topic was learned

P1542 Q133500 P518

P1542 Q133500 P921

Knowledge translation Describe how the learning or knowledge generated from this initiative has or will be used P1542 Q133500 P1542
Measurement How has or how will this be measured? P1542 Q P459
Who is involved in measuring this? P1542 Q P767