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Languages are key to Wikispore in supporting global knowledge.

For now, most topics will be in one language, and translations can be manually set up as subpages. Information pages and most topical pages will probably originate in English, but may also have another primary language, especially for areas like Geo Spore or Guide Spore.

Extension:Translate has been installed and it can be used similarly to Babylon, as the Wikisprout plan develops.

While most Spores have their primary pages in English (and would have other languages as secondary translations), some topics will germinate in a particular language community and it will make sense to have that as their primary language to start. One future option might be language-specific namespaces for all of the various Spores, and in the long term as independent wikis are spun off, a multiplicity of language editions will probably parallel other Wikimedia sister projects like Wikipedia.

For an example of the translation extension in use, see test:Wikilambda on the test wiki.