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The Visual Story Spore is an attempt at documenting and explaining the world's knowledge with an emphasis on audio, images, video and visualizations. This builds on the model of galleries at Wikimedia Commons, but with greater curated narrative details, and with use of broader sources and oral knowledge.

Inspiration from other Wikimedia projects

The following pages and articles on other Wikimedia projects also share knowledge in a mainly audiovisual way, and can serve as inspiration for this Spore. Feel free to add examples.

Galleries on Wikimedia Commons

On Wikimedia Commons, volunteers purposefully arrange files in so-called galleries. Some are heavily maintained, other less so. The default settings for galleries in the MediaWiki software only produce rather smallish thumbnails, as can be seen in some examples below:

Creative uses of Wikimedia Commons galleries
Dynamic (Wikidata-driven) Wikimedia Commons galleries


  • The VideoWiki project aims to create (editable and sourced) video versions of Wikipedia articles.