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Description: Raising Antibiotic Awareness through drama in children and young people (Rapsody Project)

State completed
Start 2019-01-02
End 2020-01-01
Form updated 2023-02-27

Report authors
Jenny Preston
Main author
Co-produce and perform a play with young people to teach other young people about antibiotic resistance
Co-create child-friendly education resources for children, young people, families, and teachers about antibiotic resistance
Assess children and young people's understanding of antibiotic resistance using the fora of drama
Children and young people
Science education
Antibiotic resistance


group of individuals
Stage: Beginning.
4 Young people, 2 health care professionals, theatre practitioner, PPI lead, Patient Engagement Lead, 2 communications personnel (11)

Task: Wrote the application for funding, organised workshops with young people to co-write the script for the play, held several practice sessions of the play, video recorded the play, co-produced lessons plans and education materials, performed the play in front of two live audiences, co-produced the final report.
Method: workshops, live performances.
Recruitment: Links with local theatre organisation
Communication: workshops
Compensation: paid
Competing interests: None
Impact: The whole project was co-designed by young people and a multi-disciplinary team led by the theatre practitioner and PPI lead. The young people took part in workshops to understand the science behind antibiotic resistance to inform the writing of the play. Once the play was drafted they made relevant changes that were taken on board.

University of Liverpool, Knowledge Exchange

Outputs and impacts


Learning resources (link)


Lesson plan (link)


animation (link)