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There is a gap in critical coverage of technology and especially Free/Libre/Open technology that is also manifests on Wikipedia*(if not adopted by corporations PR is minimal and likely on social media). Wikispore could maybe help (especially if interesting to us) as a tech review Spore?

Workflow could be as follows:

  1. if not available create Wikidata item and if easy Commons presence
  2. checking after some time if situation is better
  3. create Wikispore page and connect to all related
  4. if situation is better on Wikipedia, keep non encyclopedic *(like practical info) info here

Examples of:

  1. software: TechR:Owncast self-hosted streaming
  2. website: meta tracker of reviews, discussions and uses
  3. NGO developer: TechR:Framasoft prominent FLOSS dev org from France
  4. COOP business: TechR:Pavilion
  5. thematic research: TechR:Podcasting with FLOSS