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Bridget Phipps Townsend was the daughter of James Phipps, of the English Royal African Company, wife of Chauncy Townsend, Member of Parliament (MP) in England, and mother of James Townsend, MP and Lord Mayor of London, and Joseph Townsend, a medical doctor, geologist, vicar, and economist.

One of five children of James and Catherine Phipps, Bridget was born in about 1707 in Cape Coast, in what was to become known as Gold Coast. Bridget, the eldest daughter, and her sister Susan were sent to England, arriving in June 1715. Bridget attended boarding school, supported by an allowance provided for by her father. In 1730, she married Chauncy Townsend. They had at least ten children, including James and Joseph.

Bridget died in London, England, in 1762.


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