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A Wiki of Facts, as part of/along with abstract Wikipedia. Meta page: WikiFacts

  • A bulleted, structured facts wiki
  • Each fact will get its own fact-id, so that people can share the id to support claims made in discussions elsewhere.
    • Abstract Wikipedia currently gets an Z-id similar to Q-id of wikidata. This proposal requests fact-id for each statement or facts.
  • References are added to it to support the claim.
  • Each page about a topic will list bulleted list of facts, with each facts having its own id. Every page is a collection of list of facts.
  • It presents Facts directly without hiding it in verbal prose. Cut to the chase!
  • Fact statements are smartphone friendly, easy to share, quick and suitable for social media like Twitter, fb, Pinterest, etc.
  • Each fact of Wikidata statements gets a fact-id. e.g: "Potato {{q|Q16587531}} is a {{P|P279}} vegetable {{q|Q11004}}"
  • The statements made in abstract Wikipedia will be given a fact id.
  • Different phrasings of same facts can be given sub-id.


  1. Each statement of a list like this m:Abstract Wikipedia/Examples/Jupiter will get its own id.
  2. A page will list facts like this : w:List_of_common_misconceptions and each fact in it will get its own id. It should be written like abstract Wikipedia using Wikidata in a language independent way.
  3. Massimo's fact tweets on twitter. Facts should be compact and shareable like this.
  4. "Jupiter is the largest planet in the solar system" is a fact


"It is the absence of facts that frightens people: the gap you open, into which they pour their fears, fantasies, desires." —Hilary Mantel
  • The facts/statements that are confirmed and stable may be protected.
  • Other proposed wikis such as Structured Wikiquote, Wikifactchecking wiki, etc. can be made a subset of this project
  • Every research paper published can be scavenged for finding new claims. So this also provides a way to extract information without copyright issues as data cannot be copyrighted.
  • This will become a go-to site to learn, find, link, support and verify facts/statements/claims.
  • Avoids truncating information as Wikipedia cuts-down information to prevent undue weight.
  • Over time, WikiFacts will have more reliability and credibility than any other format of knowledge.
  • Fights misinformation

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