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Questions for Yaron open hour on Dec 5 2022
  • How do we get the wiki text to appear *above* the template data on Org:Wikimedia Argentina?
  • How do we offer a restricted list of values for a field? And to keep it flexible to add or restrict firmly? Z is ready to do this.
  • Can you show examples of bar charts, time lines, maps coming out of Cargo data? We want to organize our information to get those kinds of output?
; Dec 13: 30 mins and earlier 30 mins, I forget when and 90 mins on the 5th
* Next meeting on Dec 27th
  • ask Yaron about how to get the reports in Org:French to show the Org: space pages not the main space tables
  • ask Sam how to get employee counts specifically out of Wikidata and into Cargo; can it be customized locally if we have updated info here?
To do's
  • list or entries for MSIG grant categories?
  • move pages from main space to Org:
  • Governor's Island
  • Set up full open-house meeting for Tuesday 20 Dec, and questions/agenda for it.
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