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Universal Code of Conduct
Wikimedia project page about the Wikimedia Foundation's Universal Code of Conduct
Authority control

The Wikimedia Universal Code of Conduct (UCoC) defines guidelines of expected and unacceptable behaviour for anyone who interacts in Wikimedia projects and spaces.

DescriptionFacilitating the creation of the UCoC (done) and the Enforcement Guidelines.
Primary recommendation3. Provide for Safety and Security
Regional focusGlobal
StageExecution / Implementation
Seeking collaboration?Yes
Seeking collaboration withEveryone
Collaboration needsCo-design a new activity
Contact personJEissfeldt (WMF)
Wikimedia affiliationWikimedia Foundation
Wikimedia Foundation teamTrust and Safety

Activity names UCoC; Universal Code of Conduct
Keywords CoC; Code of conduct; friendly space; safe space
Wikimedia affiliates WMF
WMF team Trust and Safety
Other affiliations
Start year 2021
End year
Wikidata ID Q91599870