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Travel Videos Spore project will be a place for video recordings of roads, streets, journeys, places of attractions, etc. It is to be a video version of Mapillary. A video site for travel recordings is a missing useful project.


Example video of travel

Similar projects

:Main article: Wikipedia:List of street view services

  • OpenStreetMap - free editable geographic database. ODbL
  • Mapillary: crowdsourced geotagged photos. CC-BY-SA. Bought and now owned by Facebook.
  • KartaView: content under CC BY-SA
  • Google Street View - copyrighted
  • A video street view service is not present yet, but will be very cool to have
  • Wikivoyage: Travel Guide sister project of Wikimedia.


  • Videos are nicer to watch than street view photos
  • Geolocation can be added later as well
    • Some camera apps can record GPS location as well, but might be buggy. So the community can add gps later manually
  • The videos uploaded can later be uploaded to street view services as well