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{{Quickstatements link}} and {{QS}} are a more user-readable way to write links to deposit information into wikidata using the QuickStatements method.

Quickstatements link

The {{Quickstatements link}} template is used for the general wrapper

{{Quickstatements link
 | 1 = statements to add using {{QS|item|property|value}}
 | 2 = text to display


The {{QS}} template is used for each statement to add to wikidata (multiple statements can be strung together).

 | 1 = item to add the statement to (to remove a statement from an item, include "-" in front of the QID)
 | 2 = property to add as the statements
 | 3 = value for that property
 | 4 = parameters 4-9 allow you to add optional qualifiers and sources
 | ...


The example below adds the statement to



that it Template:P



with a link stating "add this statement to wikidata":
{{Quickstatements link
 |add this statement to wikidata

Result = |%20}} add this statement to wikidata

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