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Topics discussed:

Resources and dynamics for Wikispore to advance

Apply for small funding

  • Wikidata 10year anniversary ... for doing hackaton
  • innovation 5K Movement Strategy (former RapidGrant bracket)...for developer +extra work

Find or Open call for part time maintainer and developer

  • Update and debug existing setup - before hackaton
  • Upgrade, install and develop based on needs - after hackaton

Apply for small innovation 5K Movement Strategy (former RapidGrant bracket)

  • prepare and promote hackaton as part of Wikidata anniversary in October
  • prepare and promote hackaton as stand alone later in the year (from 15Nov maybe)

Ideas and case studies useful to inspire...

citizen science

biodiversity -> Geo Spore ...

iNat in LocalWiki: Himbergsee
BioBlitzes / monitoring of a nature reserve, a river ...
more practice driven...

local history -> Bio Spore, Geo Spore ...

Geo Spore

maps as visual sources
markers for former buildings, vegetation, ...

Lib Spore

reach out to material sources / sharing
community driven libraries / infoshops / ...

templates for sources in (via hub), open library ...

local history: original sources in internet archive