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GeoSpore: Krvavica (building) is a site of a former health resort located in the Krvavica tiny seaside village, on the coast of Dalmatia. It is the most unusual modernist architectural masterpiece, in the amazing pine forest on the beach, under a tiny village that climbs up the hill with serpentine road. Building has been left neglected for the past about 20 years and out of primary function for even longer. Over a hundred of activists, cultural professionals and locals are trying to bring it back to its original use[1].

top down view to the building and sea

General info

The central building is a ring shaped and elevated concrete construction on pillars and pylons to the height of trees (to maximize effects of sunlight and fresh air for all rooms in full circle), with big protected terrace as it served primarily for the rehabilitation of kids[2]. It was initially operated by Yugoslav army. It looks like it was done by dedicated Corbusier's follower or at least his 5 points of modern architecture. Author of this previously unknown masterpiece built 1962 – 64 is in fact known but not famous architect Rikard Marasović, but re-discovered late and semi-protected recently [3] as an architectural cultural heritage, thanks to research of Miranda Veljačić in 2013.

The building is featured here in the Geo Spore as its location and the building inspires architects, artists and activists into action to protect it [4], create interventions and try to save from commercialization and likely tear-down for making a more generic tourist infrastructure. Related twin page in the Art Spore as Art:Krv/AV/ica is a page documenting situated art practices (where artist and creatives engage, perform and express, more likely as an intervention, rather than in presentation form).

NOTE: Krvavica is a fairly common toponym in South-Slavic languages. This page is related to the Krvavica located in Dalmatia, Croatia (HR Wikipedia page)

side building of complex in 2020


Initial research by Miranda Veljačić was summarized and published by Oris architectural magazine.[5]


Research on the architect is continued by Ana Dana Beroš for upcoming documentary.

Histories of past use and function

Collecting of audio and text statements, photos and video has been taken on by multiple individuals and Udruga Kačić (local NGO).


Episode in the TV series SLUMBERING CONCRETE

Building is featured as the 'Mysterious Object in the Pine Forest" in a dedicated episode of a popular, much praised and awarded Croatian documentary TV series on modernist and brutalist architecture SLUMBERING CONCRETE (Croatian: Betonski Spavači). In the episode architect, researcher and activist Miranda Veljačić (who initiated protection) walks through the building with Maroje Mrduljaš (co-author of series) discussing what makes it distinguished architectural project. Other protagonists give comment on its past use, decay and societal issues that lead to current situation. Original episode is available online [6] and English subtitling possibly for educational use upon request.

On the series: Throughout four episodes (Socialism Meets Capitalism, Brief Encounters Along the Adriatic Highway, Mysterious Object in the Pine Forest, Megastructures) the series explores Croatian tourist architecture of the period, places where citizens of the West and the East could meet and put aside their differences in moments of leisure during the period of the Cold War and the rivalry between the Western and the Eastern Bloc. Each episode tells a dramatic story of the contradictions within socialist Yugoslav society positioned between the East and the West, democracy and totalitarianism, steeped in the utopian notion that architecture can make the world a better place.

On the episode: In this episode we explore the possibilities of revitalising a mysterious building of unusual beauty in the small town of Krvavica, near Makarska. The building cannot be found in any urban development plans nor land registers; it was built by the Yugoslav People’s Army as a place to treat children suffering from pulmonary diseases. At the initiative of architects, it was granted the permanent status of a protected monument, which was resisted by the local authorities. Today it stands abandoned, dilapidated, and looted, while the State Property Management Office is still at a loss what to do with this priceless building.

Director: Saša Ban; Screenwriters: Nevenka Sablić, Saša Ban, Maroje Mrduljaš; DP: Hrvoje Franjić; Editing: Vanja Siruček; Producers: Dana Budisavljević and Miljenka Čogelja; Production: Hulahop for HRT;

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