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Contemporary culture and arts entities are often organized via non-governmental organizations, especially if focused on independent and/or youth culture, by being often part of civil society as NGOs or art unions/collectives that operate with not-for-profit agenda to advance bottom-up cultural innovation, work within specific communities, sometimes also in fields of creative industries and to support new art productions.

The so called Big Open had early and strong ties with this type of cultural practicies and contexts, especially CreativeCommons inside of its new media and remix culture practices. However some projects like Wikipedia also historically relied on historic authorities in the field of knowledge and culture, also preferencing historic, especially classical cultural forms and institutions.

Initiatives that somewhat address these topics include:

  • CreativeCommons OpenGLAM working group #4 on Contemporary organisations archiving cultural and new media materials
  • WikiModern *(to be developed as WikiClassics did)
  • Art+Feminism *(intersection of art and gender-justice)
  • Black_Lunch_Table *(intersection art and black culture)

For more general info see Civil Society Spore.