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Živi atelje DK is an independent, interdisciplinary, non-governmental, and non-profit organization founded in 2015[1] focused on preservation and promotion of Vera Dajht-Kralj's work, support and cooperation with artists, exploration of understanding of otherness, and inclusion of the public through and into art, locally and internationally.


Živi atelje DK was founded as a center for arts inspired by the collection of the Croatian artist and academic sculptor Vera Dajht-Kralj:

Vera's atelier was always referred to as an “open atelier” where artists, architects, craftsmen, writers, people from all walks of life came for a coffee, a rakia and camaraderie. Ideas were exchanged and joint projects were imagined and developed in those nearly 60 years that Vera occupied and created within her atelier at Ilica 110. This social and creative activity inspires the spirit of our non-profit cooperative Živi Atelje DK. [2]


Živi atelje DK runs an atelier, a gallery and a club, as well as different programs, including the Artist in Residence Program. Živi atelje DK is a member of CROSOL, an umbrella consortium of non-profits that focuses on international programs carried out by Croatian non-governmental organisations and of Clubture Network, a cooperative network of organizations working on strengthening of the independent cultural sector.


Besides the Artist in Residence Program, Živi Atelje DK runs a program called No Borders: Integration of Art - Art of Integration that includes collaborative art projects, discussions and activities involving people of different backgrounds and experiences to facilitate integration and communication, as well as the Wandering Art Tea Academy, an association of tea lovers who share their passions and knowledge through tea tasting gatherings, workshops and exhibitions. The No Borders program includes the Women to Women collective which uses art to bring together women who want Croatia to be their home together with those for whom Croatia is already home.

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