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When copying pages from other wikis, some conventions need to be followed:

  • Page names need to be prefixed based on the wiki the backed up page is from.
  • Pages need to be categorized based on the type of project they are from (e.g. Wikipedia pages).
Origin wiki Title prefix Category
English Wikipedia Wp/en/ Wikipedia pages
Spanish Wiktionary Wt/es/ Wiktionary pages
French Wikibooks Wb/fr/ Wikibooks pages
Italian Wikiquote Wq/it/ Wikiquote pages
German Wikinews Wn/de/ Wikinews pages
Polish Wikivoyage Wy/pl/ Wikivoyage pages
English Wikiversity Wv/en/ Wikiversity pages
Turkish Wikisource Ws/tr/ Wikisource pages
Incubator Incubator/ Incubator pages
Commons Commons/ Multilingual content project pages
Meta Meta/ Meta pages
Outreach Outreach/ Coordination project pages
Wikitech Wikitech/ Technical project pages

For other multilingual projects, the "Project" namespace's adjusted name is used instead (e.g. Meta/ for Meta-Wiki) except for MediaWiki, for which "MediaWiki" is used.

Non-mainspace pages

User pages

Only the owner of a userpage may make a backup for it.

Project & help pages

When copying a page in project space, (e.g. "Wikipedia:" from Wikipedia, "Wiktionary:" from Wiktionary) name the page like normal with the adjusted name for the project namespace in such project replaced with "Project" (e.g. w:Wikipedia:Vandalism-only accountWp/en/Project:Vandalism-only account).

Files, templates, and categories

Put the namespace before prefixing like normal (e.g. wikt:Template:rfdTemplate:Wt/en/rfd).