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When to back pages up

You should only back up pages you can edit, unless someone who can edit the page approves of it.

Wiki Page Edit protection level User rights Allowed
English Wikipedia Wikipedia:Vandalism-only account Allow only autoconfirmed users Autoconfirmed users Yes
English Wiktionary Wiktionary:Main Page Allow only administrators Autoconfirmed users No

Pages that are backed up by users who cannot edit the original page and that have no approval from users who can edit the original page are eligable for speedy deletion criterion G1. Put {{db-g1}} at the top of the page to produce:

This may meet BackupWiki's criteria for speedy deletion (criterion G1) as a page created by a user who does not have permission to edit the original page, with no approval by someone with permission to edit the page.

If you created this page, or unless you have good reason to, do not remove this notice. Instead, contest this deletion request here.

This notice was added by {{{2}}}.

Naming and Categorization

When copying pages from other wikis, some conventions need to be followed:

  • Page names need to be prefixed based on the wiki the backed up page is from.
  • Pages need to be categorized based on the type of project they are from (e.g. Wikipedia pages).
Origin wiki Title prefix Category
English Wikipedia Wp/en/ Wikipedia pages
Spanish Wiktionary Wt/es/ Wiktionary pages
French Wikibooks Wb/fr/ Wikibooks pages
Italian Wikiquote Wq/it/ Wikiquote pages
German Wikinews Wn/de/ Wikinews pages
Polish Wikivoyage Wy/pl/ Wikivoyage pages
English Wikiversity Wv/en/ Wikiversity pages
Turkish Wikisource Ws/tr/ Wikisource pages
Incubator Incubator/ Incubator pages
Commons Commons/ Multilingual content project pages
Meta Meta/ Meta pages
Outreach Outreach/ Coordination project pages
Wikitech Wikitech/ Technical project pages

For other multilingual projects, the "Project" namespace's adjusted name is used instead (e.g. Meta/ for Meta-Wiki) except for MediaWiki, for which "MediaWiki" is used.

Non-mainspace pages

User pages

Only the owner of a userpage may make a backup for it.

Project & help pages

When copying a page in project space, (e.g. "Wikipedia:" from Wikipedia, "Wiktionary:" from Wiktionary) name the page like normal with the adjusted name for the project namespace in such project replaced with "Project" (e.g. w:Wikipedia:Vandalism-only accountWp/en/Project:Vandalism-only account).

Files, templates, and categories

Put the namespace before prefixing like normal (e.g. wikt:Template:rfdTemplate:Wt/en/rfd).

Summarizing creation

See also: Wikipedia:Copying within Wikipedia on Wikipedia

When copying a page from another wiki, include the link to the original page in the edit summary (e.g. "Copied from w:en:Main Page"). If someone forgets to include the link in the creation description, leave {{sc|(releavant page)}} to produce:

Blue copyright.svg Thank you for backing up (releavant page). However, you forgot to include a link in your creation summary. Please be sure to include a link in future back-ups. Thank you!
Helpful links: Help:Copying from other wikis, w:Wikipedia:Copying within Wikipedia