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Works Spore — The Maker Wiki

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A free place for makers, DIY, and Open-Source Hardware enthusiasts to collaboratively design and develop manufacturing solutions for the humanity. A place to share knowledge and instructions about OpenSource Hardware.

A maker wiki is essential to the world. Most existing maker websites do not offer free licensing or give power to the community despite being crowdsourced. So a Maker wiki should be sprouted.


Materialize ideas for humanity

A wiki for:


This Wiki will be having following types of content

  • Instructions, manuals and procedure. (main)
  • DIY or How-to guides
  • Lab/Research: to do collaborative open research to solve a task, for MOOR
  • Files: of codes and design
  • Data: for data, factsheets
  • (Optional) Shop: to purchase or facilitate fabrication through fablabs

Similar communities

Main article: Works Spore/Similar sites

Alternative names

  • Factory Wiki, Production Wiki
  • DIY Wiki, How-to Wiki, Wiki Fix, Wiki Craft
  • Maker Wiki, Hacker Wiki

Meta proposals