Data-driven community engagement for Wiki Loves Monuments

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DescriptionSince in Italy it is only possible to photograph monuments for which there is an authorization we needed a tool with an appealing and easy to understand data visualization showing the monuments uploaded in Wikidata, monuments for which there is an authorization for [[Wiki Loves Monuments]] and monuments which have pictures in Commons.
Primary recommendation8. Identify Topics for Impact
Secondary recommendation(s)2. Improve User Experience
Regional focusGlobal
Language focusThe tool was developed from the beginning in english so that it could be scaled to other countries with similar issues
StageExecution / Implementation
Seeking collaboration?Yes
Seeking collaboration withOrganization with similar issues about cultural heritage
Collaboration needsTalk about our idea
Contact personUser:CVimercati (WMIT)
Wikimedia affiliationAffiliate (user group, thematic org, chapter)
AffiliateWikimedia Italia

We are thinking about expanding this way to visualize data and start to visualize "missing data" which is much more challenging then visualizing already existing data...